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Quick and reliable in-process measuring systems for crankshafts

The in-process measuring systems for crankshafts automatically determine the diameter and roundness of main and pin bearings during the grinding process. Additionally, waviness properties can also be measured.

DF500 - In-process measuring systems for crankshafts

The in-process measuring systems for crankshafts are ideal for use in pendulum grinding machines and allow you to measure diameters and roundness directly during processing. The measured data is transferred to the machine tool in digital format, ensuring efficient and cost-effective manufacture of crankshafts with narrow tolerances.

What's more, the DF500 also determines the waviness on the main bearings and pin bearings of crankshafts. This makes it possible to detect waviness or chatter marks that could potentially impair the function as early as during the grinding process.

The measuring systems can be retooled quickly and easily when checking crankshafts with varying dimensions. The measuring prisms are exchangeable and cover a wide diameter range, thus permitting universal and flexible application of the devices.

To enable targeted correction of roundness errors, you can equip the systems with optional automatic correction value control.

The electronic control of the measuring systems can be integrated in the PC/CNC machine controller. This allows you to view the measured data directly on the machine display.

The Jenoptik products DF500 and DF700 are not available for sales in the United States of America and cannot be distributed to this market.


  • Solid and robust: High measurement accuracy.
  • Universal application: Exchangeable measuring prisms with large diameter range.
  • No interference: Measured values are transmitted digitally.
  • Optimal measurement position: Measuring head is tracked automatically.
  • Powerful measurement control system: Can be integrated in the PC/CNC machine controller.


  • Automotive industry: Measurement of diameter and roundness on crankshafts.

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