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Measuring Instruments for Combined Roughness and Contour Measurement

Roughness and contour measurement in a single process — the measuring instruments offer two different probing systems.

Hommel-Etamic T8000 RC - For Contour and Roughness Measurement

Jenoptik measuring instruments allow you to measure the roughness and contours of your workpieces. You get two probing systems in one measuring system. These two probing systems can be used independently of one another, saving you both time and money.

The measurement run is largely automated. Using the latest RFID technology, some of our measuring instruments can even detect which probe arm is being used, and set the measuring conditions accordingly. The probe arms are attached magnetically, which means they can be changed quickly and safely. As such, you can easily adapt the measuring systems to each new measuring task, achieving repetitive accuracy and highly precise results.

The instruments have a modular design and can easily be extended. The systems are also robust. They work without any problems even in tough production environments, making them ideally suited for use in rough industrial environments.


  • Save time and costs: Combined roughness and contour measurement
  • Minimal effort: The measuring instrument is largely automated
  • Versatile: Adapt to various measuring tasks
  • Robust: Ideal for use in production and in the

Fields of application

  • Automotive industry: Measure roughness and contour characteristics in one measurement run

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